From The Mundane To The Arcane

QWCooper has been helping technology companies from privately held startups to publicly traded corporations since its establishment in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2006.

We provide the legal and business insight to close a wide variety of technology transactions that span everything from the mundane to the arcane. We understand how to devise agreements for the most basic procedural issues, from sales and service to strategic alliances and intellectual property.

But we also understand that in Silicon Valley – indeed, in a world of changing needs, laws, and expectations – there are many times when something special, something distinctive, something innovative is called for, and we excel in those scenarios as well.

Our clients include some of the most recognizable names in the world, as well as many emerging companies and individuals looking for the legal guidance needed to become the household names of the future, or a key cog in their industry. We give each organization, no matter what its size, the attention it needs to serve its transactional goals.

Our legal name is QWCooper, a Professional Law Corporation